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The Application of Copper-Clad Steel Sheets as Grounding Materials in the Petrochemical Industry

Jun 10 , 2024

With the continuous increase in the voltage level of power lines and the escalating system capacity, higher requirements are being placed on the safety and reliability of grounding systems. Corrosion of grounding devices is one of the main causes of grounding system accidents, making the selection of corrosion-resistant grounding materials particularly important. Copper-clad steel sheets, due to their high conductivity and strong corrosion resistance, are slowly gaining widespread application. This article will introduce the application of copper-clad steel in the petrochemical industry as a grounding material.

Understanding Copper-Clad Steel

Copper-clad steel is a composite material that combines copper and steel. By using chemical or physical methods, copper is uniformly attached to the surface of a treated carbon steel substrate, forming a dense coating. When used as a grounding material, it integrates the excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance of pure copper with the high strength and toughness of steel. Moreover, the cost of copper-clad steel sheets is significantly lower than that of copper, offering high comprehensive performance along with economic and social value.

Challenges in Petrochemical Production

The petrochemical production process involves high temperatures, high pressure, and continuous processes. The materials used are flammable, explosive, and volatile, making the industry prone to fire or explosion accidents. Electrical factors are a critical ignition source for these accidents. Proper grounding is essential not only for the normal operation of power systems, electrical equipment, and instruments, but also for ensuring personal safety and reducing the hazards of lightning and static electricity, which petrochemical enterprises should give special attention to.

Advantages of Copper-Clad Steel Sheets

The copper-steel composite material effectively resolves the performance and cost contradictions of copper and steel. When used as a grounding conductor, it fully leverages the electrical and corrosion resistance properties of copper, as well as the mechanical properties of steel. The enhanced corrosion resistance and electrical performance make copper-clad steel sheets capable of completely replacing steel and copper as grounding materials, applicable in various soil environments and voltage levels. Even after years of service, the material can still meet thermal stability verification requirements despite losing some mass due to corrosion.

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation of copper-clad steel sheets is another reason they are favored in the petrochemical industry. The high-strength steel core makes grounding rods easy to drive into the ground, while the copper coating ensures good conductivity and corrosion resistance. During installation, copper-clad steel sheets are connected to other grounding elements in the grounding network using exothermic welding, which is a simple, efficient method that can significantly reduce construction time and costs.

In summary, copper-clad steel as a grounding material has broad application prospects and significant advantages in the petrochemical industry. Its unique properties meet the high safety and stability requirements of the industry, providing strong support for safe production and stable development of enterprises.