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Nickel and Nickel-base Alloy Sheet

Nickel is a nearly silver-white metal with a density of 8.9g/cm³. With melting point 1455℃ and boiling point 2730℃. It is hard, magnetic and has good plasticity. Nickel is malleable and ferromagnetic metal element, it can be highly polished and corrosion resistant. After dissolution in nitric acid, it is green. Nickel is a ferroophilic element. It contains the highest nickel in the earth core and is a natural ferrel alloy. Nickel is insoluble in water, and a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of humid air at room temperature, which can prevent the body metal from continuing to oxidation.

  • nickel alloy plate
  • nickel alloy sheet
  • nickel alloy plate
  • nickel alloy sheet

Characteristics of Nickel and Nickel-base Alloy Sheet

  • Nickel is not only the base material for producing nickel alloy, but also an alloy element for iron alloy, copper alloy, aluminum base alloy. Nickel has a lot of uses in the national economy construction for its special.

  • Characteristics. Nickel and nickel-base alloy materials are used for components and parts in special fields, the instrument manufacturing, the machine manufacturing, the rocket technology and equipment, the atomic reactor. Nickel and nickel-base alloy metal materials are widely used for alkaline batteries, porous filters, catalysts, and corrosion electroplating layers of parts and semi-finished products.

  • At present, the world's nickel consumption is second only to copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and in fifth place among non-ferrous metals.

  • In China, nickel and nickel-base alloy materials are really rich, and its technology is more professional. Nickel and nickel-base alloy sheets, Gallianz can offer according to customers requests.

Sizes and Grades of Nickel and Nickel-base Alloy Sheet


  • Nickel 200 ( UNS 02200), Nickel 201(UNS 02201),

  • Inconel 600 (N06600), Inconel 601 (N06601)

  • Inconel 625 (N06625), Inconel 718 (N07718)

  • Incoloy 800 (N08800), Incoloy 825 (N08825)

  • Hastelloy C-276 (N10276), Hastelloy C-22 (N06022)

  • Monel 400 (N04400), Nickel 205 (UNS 205), etc.

Size: as per your requirement.

If you need the above nickel and nickel-base alloy sheets or other grades nickel and nickel-base alloy sheets, feel free to contact us at any time.

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