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Welding processes

Gallianz is noted for its long-standing experience in welding special clad materials. Improving welding processes is considered as a core task of our welding technology. We have some advanced innovation patents of welding actually, meanwhile, we have been developing welding technologies and testing with samples all the time. We deeply know that welding is one of key processes.

At Gallianz, submerged arc welding (SAW), electrogas welding (EGW) and Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) are used professionally during the whole manufacturing processes. It is ultimately the customer's specification which prescribes the welding processes to be applied. There are many experienced welders and latest welding machines to make sure the welding quality and process improvements in efficiency at the factory.

Basic knowledge of welding:

1. Welding method: there are three elements: accurately clean, heating and welding, which is the most basic and the most important condition of electricity. If one of three elements is not full and accurate implementation, it will cause poor welding, become a hidden danger of failure.

2. Three elements of welding:

  • Cleaning: clean metal surface, clean welding equipment, clean welding accessories equipment;

  • Heating: the contact method of the iron head;

  • Welding: the amount of solder, the evacuation method of the iron head, the difficulty of welding;

3. Rosin features: cleaning, insulation, welding

4. Rosin function: 

  • Remove oxide

  • Prevent oxidation during the welding process

  • Reduce the surface tension of the solder (outward expansion