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Titanium Sheet

Titanium is known as "the metal of the future". At present, some people call titanium "fashionable metal", while others call titanium a third metal or future steel according to the important role titanium playing in industry and its future development trend. Gallianz offers titanium plates to customers at home and abroad all the time in metal industry.

Since the titanium was discovered in 1790 and entered the industrial production in 1951, the titanium has gradually shown Its unique and superior performance. It not only has the superior performance of metal structural materials, but also in many process medias, Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, and its application can achieve significant technological progress and economic benefits. Its reserve is ten times that of copper and is the "third metal" after iron and aluminum, known as the "space metal".

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  • titanium plate sheet
  • titanium plate stock

Features of Titanium Sheet

  • Pure titanium is good mechanic properties, Good plasticity and easy to process. If there are impurities, especially 0, N, and C elements, they will improve the strength and hardness of titanium, and increase its brittleness, but they will reduce titanium plasticity.Titanium is a metal easy to passivate, and in the oxygen environment, its passivation film can heal itself after damage. Thus, titanium is stable to air, water and several corrosive medias.

  • Titanium and titanium alloys have excellent corrosion resistance, which can only be eroded by hydrofluoric acid and moderate concentration of strong alkali solution. Especially titanium is very stable to seawater. Put titanium or titanium alloy into the sea water for several years, after taking out, they are still bright as before, far better than the stainless steel.

  • Another important property of titanium is its small density. Its strength is 3.5 times that of stainless steel and 1.3 times that of aluminum alloys ,which is currently the highest among all industrial metal materials strengths.

Performances of Titanium Sheet

  • Lower density, lightweight and High strength

  • Stable corrosion resistance in many medias.

  • Strong resistance to damping

  • Good heat and low temperature resistance

  • Inhale performance

  • Non-magnetic, non-toxic titanium alloys are non-magnetic metals and are not magnetized in large magnetic fields.

Applications of Titanium Sheet

Titanium alloy also has been widely used in various sectors of the national economy, and it is an indispensable material for rockets, missiles and space shuttles. Titanium alloys are also widely used in marine ships, chemicals, electronic devices and communication equipment, low-temperature containers, and reservoir tanks and several light industry sectors. The application of advanced materials titanium and titanium alloys and the development of cutting-edge technologies have always been a hot research topic in the current material field. At present, some foreign countries have stipulated: in the atomic energy power plants, for safety, must all use titanium condensers. The amount of titanium is considerable. If the thermal power station is 600,000 KW, titanium needs 60t, and the atomic power plants generating capacity 110KW requires up to 150t of titanium material. The widespread use of titanium in automobiles, the research of titanium ships and the application of titanium in architecture, we have opened a new chapter.

Titanium Sheet Universal Sizes

  • Titanium sheet thickness is usually 0.3mm-60mm.

  • Titanium sheet width is usually 400mm-3000mm.

  • Titanium sheet length is usually 1000mm-4000mm.

  • Titanium grade No: Gr.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6......etc. Offered.

In addition to these general standard sizes, titanium sheets can also be customized to the customer's needs. The size of the customized titanium sheets can be adjusted according to the specific application requirements. When selecting titanium plates suppliers, attention should be paid to check whether their product specifications and sizes meet their needs. Gallianz is a professional and reliable titanium sheets supplier.

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