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Clad Head

Clad head is a boiler component part of the pressure vessel, which is usually fixed on the two ends of the pressure vessel. It is also a sealing product welded on the pipe end. The welded head can’t be knocked-down. The clad head is the end cover on the pressure vessel, and an important pressure unit. Its role is sealing. The quality of the clad head is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of the pressure vessel.

The clad head is an indispensable and important component in the pressure vessel equipment of petrochemical industry, atomic energy and food and pharmaceutical industries. It plays a key role. But clad head is produced with bonded two metals. It has more performance of two metals at lower cost. For example, carbon steel, lower alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium (Ti), etc.

  • Clad plate sealing head
  • Clad plate sealing head

Shapes of Clad Head

The clad head usually has three shapes as followings:

Hemispherical head: Compared with other forms of head in the same diameter and pressure conditions, the required thickness is small, the head volume is the same, the hemispherical head surface area is small, material-saved, and the force is very uniform. Due to manufacturing difficulties, except for the pressure vessels with high pressure and large diameter in general, other vessels are less used.

Elliptical head: It is a head composed of rotating elliptical spherical surface and cylindrical straight section. The elliptic head is widely used in petroleum, electronics, chemical industry, medicine, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace and other industries.

Conical head: The head is a type of boiler parts in pressure vessel. It can heat a variety of sizes of the pipe by medium-frequency induction heating mode. Fast heating, adjusted power, good starting performance, stable performance, small area, easy to operate and maintain.

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