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The latest testing methods

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal clad plates, Gallianz is dedicated to clad plates for customers home and abroad. We really pay more attention to plates’ quality. Because we believe that  our customers attach great importance to high product quality and know that we are their reliable supplier. Gallianz has been constantly investing to optimize quality assurance to guarantee a consistently high quality of clad plates. We have our own laboratory to study in regular. We offer a wide range of destructive and non-destructive testing methods:

Non-destructive tests

  • Radiographic examination / X-ray testing

  • Ultrasonic testing

  • PMI tesing (Positive Material Identification)

  • Eddy-current testing

  • Visual inspection (also by means of endoscope)

  • Dye penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing

  • · Water pressure testing

  • Surface roughness measurements

Destructive tests

  • Tensile test (at room temperature as well as elevated temperatures)

  • Impact test (at room temperature and low temperatures)

  • Technological testing (e. g. bending test)

  • Hardness test

  • Metallographic examination (also by means of scanning electron  microscope)

  • Corrosion test (e. g. determination of the pitting resistance equivalent as well as the intergranular corrosion resistance)

  • Spectroscopy (including optical emission spectrometry)

Through the accreditation of the various test procedures, Gallianz is able to demonstrate both the quality and the reliability of its tests and services. Of course, You can check the finished products by yourself, of course, you also ask a third party to check products with reports for you according to your needs.

Metal Clad Plates Testing Technology