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Nickel-chromium alloy INCONEL is an austenite super heat-resistant alloy with nickel as the main component. Inconel alloys are oxidation-corrosion-resistant materials. During low temperature till 1093°C,it shows its super strength, fatigue resistance, oxidation resistance, stable chemical properities, well welding and easy processing features.

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  • inconel 01

Inconel Classification:

  • Inconel 600 is a kind of nickel-chromium alloy. It is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, curing-resistant. In fresh water and fluctuating seawater, it has a good corrosion resistance, and it may produce corrosion spots in static seawater. The corrosion resistance to various alkaline solutions and most organic acids and compounds is very high, it is not easy to produce stress corrosion cracks, but easy to produce stress corrosion cracks under high concentration of caustic soda or high temperature Hg conditions.

Inconel 600 Application: Petrochemical processing–catalyst regenerators; Chemical Processing – chlorination equipment, fatty acids, hydrogen fluoride, magnesium chloride, vinyl chloride monomer, sodium sulfide, titanium dioxide; Cneck bottles and components in heat treatment furnace, especially in carbonization and nitride atmosphere; thermowell in corrosion situation; Production of organic or inorganic chloride and fluoride: resistance to chlorine gas and fluorine gas corrosion ● nuclear reactor etc.

Inconel 600 Corresponding Trademark and Standards:

Inconel 600

UNS 06600;

DIN 2.4817

AMS5540, ASTM B168,ASME SB168 (Plate/sheet/strip)

AMS 5665, ASTM B166, ASME SB166 (bar/rod)

AMS 5580, ASTM B167, ASME SB167 (Seamless pipe)

  • Inconel 625 is Ni-Cr based solid reinforced deformation super alloy. Molybdenum, niobium are as the main strengthening elements in this solid reinforced deformation super alloy. Normally available  temperature 950℃. From low temperature to 980℃, Inconel 625 has good tensile performance and fatigue performance. Its processing and welding performance are better. The alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation performance, and stress corrosion under salt fog atmosphere.

Inconel 625 Application: It is often used in the fields such as gas

turbine engine (ducting systems, jet engine exhaust systems, engine thrust-reversers, turbine shroud rings), nuclear power equipment (reactor core and control rod components, waste reprocessing equipment) and aerospace engine, especially suitable for those contact with seawater and require high mechanical performance. Air Pollution Control—chimney liners, dampers, flue gas desulfurization (FGD) components;Offshore Oil and Gas Production—waste flare gas stacks, piping systems, riser sheathing, sour gas piping and tubing;Petroleum Refining—waste flare gas stacks;Marine Service—steam line bellows, Navy ship exhaust systems, submarine auxiliary propulsion systems etc.

Inconel 625 Corresponding Trademark and Standards:

Inconel 625

UNS 06625;

DIN 2.4856

AMS5599/5666, ASTM B443/ASME SB443



  • Inconel 718 is Fe-Ni-Cr base precipitation hardened deformation super alloy, long-term use temperature range is -253~650℃, short-term use temperature is 800℃. There is the high strength, good toughness and oxidation and corrosion resistance in high and low temperature environment. It has good working properties, welding properties and long-term tissue stability.

Inconel 718 Application: It is used to make ring parts, blades,

fasteners and structural parts in aviation, aerospace and petrochemical industry, and to make a variety of parts used in petrochemical industry, liquid fuel rocket, low temperature engineering, acidic environment, nuclear engineering etc.

Inconel 718 Corresponding Trademark and Standards:

Inconel 718

UNS 07718;

DIN 2.4668


ASTM B670/906, ASME SB670/906 (Plate/sheet/strip);

AMS 5662/5563/5564, ASTM B637, ASME SB637 (bar/rod) ;

AMS 5589/5590 (pipe)


  • Other Grades and Standards as followings for references.

Inconel 601

UNS N06601;

DIN 2.4851

ASTM B168, ASME SB168 (Plate/sheet/strip)

ASTM B166, ASME SB166 (bar/rod)

ASTM B167, ASME SB167 (Seamless pipe)

Inconel 686

UNS N06686;     DIN 2.4606


ASTM B575, ASME SB575 (Plate/sheet/strip)


Inconel X750

UNS N07750 ;     DIN 2.4669

AMS5542, AMS5598 (Plate/sheet/strip)

AMS5667/5668/5670/5671/5747 (bar/rod)

Inconel 690

UNS N06690;     DIN 2.4642

ASTM B166 (Plate/sheet/strip/bar/rod) 

ASTM B167/B82 (pipe)

Inconel 617

UNS N06617;

DIN 2.4663A

ASTM B168 (Plate/sheet/strip);

ASTM B166 (bar) 

ASTM B167 (pipe) 

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