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Pressure Vessels Clad Plate

What is a pressure vessel? Any sealing equipment that bears the pressure of the liquid medium is called a pressure vessel. Pressure vessel generally refers to an equipment bearing a certain pressure, which is used to complete the reaction, heat transfer, mass transfer, separation, storage and transportation and other production processes in the petrochemical and other industrial productions. It is mainly used in petrochemical, energy, scientific research and military industries, and also widely used in civil industry, such as gas or LPG tank, accumulator, heat exchanger, separator and large pipeline works.

  • pressure vessel plates
  • pressure vessel plates

Material Requirements of Pressure Vessels Clad Plate

According to the principle of action in the production process, the pressure vessels can be divided into reaction vessels, heat exchanger vessels, separation vessels, and storage and transportation vessels.

For pressure vessels, there are basic requirements:

  • Strength: an ability of the metal to resist permanent deformation and fracture. Commonly used strength criteria depends on yield, tensile strength, etc. Strength is a major concern safety.

  • Rigidity: an unallowed elastic deformation under the action of external forces, such as manufacturing, transportation, install and use.

  • Stability: under external force, such as external pressure and vacuum vessel, the pressure vessel suddenly lose stability of its original shape.

  • Durability

  • Sealing tightness

Pressure vessel has requirements of materials and special functions, so how to choose the professional metal production materials which are lower cost and more performance? Gallianz, a China clad plate company, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing and development & research and sales of pressure vessels clad plates. They are rich performance and cost competitive. If you want pressure vessels clad plates such as stainless steel clad plate, nickel and nickel-base alloy clad steel plate, titanium steel clad plate, etc. What is your idea?

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