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Superalloy refers to a kind of metal material based on iron, nickel and cobalt, which can work for a long time under high temperature above 600℃ and certain stress; and has high temperature strength, good oxidation and corrosion resistance, good fatigue performance, fracture toughness and other comprehensive properties. The superalloy is a single austenitic tissue, with good tissue stability and use reliability at various temperatures. And the alloy degree of superalloy is high, also known as "superalloy", is widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, ships ect. It is an important material.

  • superalloy 01
  • superalloy 01
  • GH2132 (A286; UNS S66286) is a Fe-25Ni-15 Cr-based superalloy, reinforced with molybdenum, titanium, aluminum, vanadium and trace boron. It has high yield strength and durable, creep strength below 650℃, and has good processing plasticity and satisfactory welding performance. It is suitable for the manufacturing of high-temperature bearing components under 650℃, such as turbine discs, pressure discs, rotor blades and fasteners.

  • GH3128 is an Ni-Cr based solid solution reinforced deformation superalloy, using a temperature below 950 degrees Celsius. W was added to the alloy for solid solution reinforcement, and boron, cerium and zirconium elements were added to purify and strengthen the grain boundary. Alloy has high plasticity, high durability and creep strength, good oxidation resistance, stamping and welding process performance, comprehensive performance is better than GH3044 and GH3536 and other similar nickel-based solid solution strengthening alloy. GH3128 Suitable for the production of aero engine combustion chamber and aftercombustion chamber shell at 950 degrees Celsius. Such as diffuser, afterburner, tail nozzle, regulator, stabilizer, diffuser and gas catheter.

  • GH4169 (N07718)  is Fe-Ni-Cr base precipitation hardened deformation superalloy, long-term use temperature range-253~650℃, short-term use temperature is 800℃, high strength, good toughness and oxidation and corrosion resistance in high and low temperature environment. And good working properties and welding properties and long-term tissue stability. It is used to make ring parts, blades, fasteners and structural parts in aviation, aerospace and petrochemical industry, and to make a variety of parts used in petrochemical industry, which can be mass produced and used in good condition. 

  • GH2747 is Fe-Ni-Cr precipitated hardened deformation superalloy, used in solid solution state, with long-term working temperature of 1100℃ -1250℃, and short-term use temperature of 1300℃. Alloy has high strength, good tissue stability, and excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Alloy has good weldability and can be welded by various processes. Use: superalloy has been used in the production of aviation, aerospace engine combustion chamber and aftercombustion room high-temperature antioxidant components, also used in the production of industrial various furnace roll, transmission devices, thermocouple casing and other heat resistant components. Especially suitable for petrochemical, nuclear energy, metallurgy and other fields of high temperature antioxidant device components.

  • GH4738 is a nickel-based superalloy reinforced by γ'phase precipitation, which has good gas corrosion resistance, high yield strength and fatigue performance, good process plasticity and stable tissue. Widely used in aero-engine rotating parts, using a temperature not higher than 815℃. The alloy is widely used in aero-engine gas turbine in the country, mainly used as turbine blade and turbine disc and other rotating parts, and has mature use experience.

  • GH3030 Solid reinforced superalloy is an early development of 80Ni-20 Cr solid reinforced superalloy with simple chemical composition, satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity below 800℃, and good resistance to oxidation, thermal fatigue, cold stamping and welding process properties. The alloy is single-phase austenite, and the tissue is stable during use. The main products are cold rolled sheet, can also supply bar, ring, wire and pipe deformation products. Mainly used for turbine engine combustion chamber components working below 800℃ and other high temperature components that require oxidation below 1100℃ but bear small loads. GH3030 has strong thermal processing and cold processing performance, used for the production of a variety of chemical equipment and accessories..

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  • GH3600

 (Inconel 600/UNS N06600)

  • GH3304

Hastelloy C-276; N10276

  • GH3625

Inconel 625, N06625

  • GH3308

Hastelloy C-22; N06022

  • GH4141

UNS N07041

  • GH5188

N0188; 30188

  • GH3536

Hastelloy X, NO6002

  • GH4145

Inconel X-750; N07750

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