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Quality Management

Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001

ISO 9001

For these years, Gallianz has stood for quality and reliability in metal processing. Ensuring these core competences is a very important part of our  business. We constantly improve the product quality and develop production technology to increase customer satisfaction. This is why Gallianz has always been a leading supplier in quality control and test results.

Since 2017, we have been monitoring and documenting the entire production process – from receipt of the raw material to delivery of the finished product. This means that the production of a component can always be traced. Our quality management system is certified under ISO 9001. In addition, Gallianz manufactures its premium quality metal clad materials in accordance with a large number of standards, including those from the oil & gas, chemical industry, power generation, the pharmaceutical, etc. Our many certifications and approvals shows our long-term knowledge and expertise in clad plates processing, as demonstrated by our extensive product range produced under the strictest regulations.

Gallianz is specialized in supplying high-quality clad metals. More chance for our cooperation, right?

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Occupational health and safety management (OHSMS) in accordance with ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Because of the need of the world economic globalization and the development of international trade, the occupational health and safety management system emerges. The most basic principle of the WTO is "fair competition", which includes environmental and occupational health and safety issues. Gallianz is a leading manufacturer of clad plates in the world. Our clad metals are dispatched to customers home and abroad, so we insist trade principles, and occupational health and safety for our employees has always been a key part of our mission statement.

Gallianz distributes supplies about safety for employees in the workshop at regular intervals. With the support of our specialists from the areas of occupational medicine and occupational safety, we establish projects for improving health protection such as the regular physical examination, health special lectures, leisure fitness roo, etc. In addition, regular on-site inspections and employee appraisals support our comprehensive prevention and security measures.

We are making every effort to avoid injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses. At the same time, we continually work to actively reduce the hazards at our sites. We really make a point of the working environments of our employees, the machines and systems as well as potential hazards are systematically analysed. Risks are assessed and measures are taken to minimise and prevent risks.

In order to guarantee health and safety at work as well as operational and factory safety for our external companies and visitors, all external companies or visitors at our site are instructed accordingly by our company coordinator.

Gallianz is specialized in supplying high-quality clad metals. More chance for our cooperation, right?

Environmental Management

Environmental Management(EMS)is accordance with ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO14000 Environmental management system standard is an effective tool to create green enterprises as an international standard. It can continuously carry out environmental management work and the sustainable development of enterprises to play an effective role in promoting. Since the environmental problem is a problem of continuous development and continuous improvement, the goal of environmental management is the continuous improvement, which is also in line with the principle of sustainable development.

Gallianz keeps a sustainable development process in producing clad plates. Environmental protection is of central importance to us. Environmental protection means avoiding threats to people and the environment, continually reducing energy consumption and minimising emissions and waste. In this way, we actively contribute to safeguarding our natural resources. Saving limited resources and conservation of the environment require an awareness of the effects from production process. We expect our employees, customers and suppliers to act responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner, reflected in a trusting and open cooperation on all matters relating to environmental protection. Gallianz has implemented the Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO 14001. Legal provisions and official requirements are minimum standards for us and we will seek to exceed these where possible.

Gallianz is specialized in supplying high-quality clad metals. More chance for our cooperation, right?