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Clad plates can be fabricated through an integrated series of processes which are through the hot-rolling, explosive welding and the combination of both according to fabrication processes as per customers’ requirements. The cladding material and base layer are completely processed. The main fabrication details and equipment are shown in the figure.

Hot rolling process:

Rolling of base and clad material -- base and clad material grinding -- package welding -- evacuation -- reheating -- hot rolling -- heat treatment -- plasma torch cut -- levelling -- ultrasonic testing -- polishing -- final check -- package delivery

Hot Rolling Process

Explosive welding process:

Rolling of base and clad material -- base and clad material grinding -- explosive welding -- ultrasonic testing -- heat treatment -- levelling -- plasma torch cut -- polishing -- final check -- package delivery

For clad plates with various materials, can choose different methods. What is your suggestion or your TDC?

Explosive Welding Process