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Gallianz (Anhui) New Materials Co.,Ltd.

Russia and Iran Metal Expo 2023

Feb 28 , 2024


Last year, Gallianz was one of exhibitors at Metal Expo 2023 during Nov.7_ Nov.10. in Russia and during Nov.24_ Nov.27 in Iran. More and more russian and Iranian companies know more about Gallianz’s clad plates, Titanium products, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, Monel and Superalloy products, which are mostly in the forms of plates, sheets, bars, rods and pipes, which are always used in FGD system; Pulp and paper industries, Equipment and components operating in an acidic gas environment; Reactor for acetic acid and acid products; Sulphate condenser; Production and processing of impure phosphoric acid, Chemical process industry reactors, heat exchangers, columns, and piping Pharmaceutical industry reactors and dryers; aviation engine; gas turbines(Jet engine combustion chambers, rectifier, structural cover); petrochemical furnace; industrial furnaces; turbine exhaust components; Aircraft cabin heaters; support rollers, radiant tube etc. more industrial fields.


Some clients come to China to visit our explosive site, rolling factory, and production technologies. We have already established strong and reliable business relationships. In 2024, Gallianz will strong ourselves give partners best quality at best price. If your company needs the corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant materials, Gallianz is your best supplier. Will you place a trial order? E-mail now: