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Metal Expo 2023

Sep 06 , 2023


Exhibition Date: Sept. 27-30, 2023.

Exhibition Location: The International Exhibition Center in Istanbul, Turkey

Metal Expo 2023 is the only professional expo in Iron and Steel Industry in Turkey.

The expo aims to establish a communication bridge for Turkey Iron and Steel Manufacturing and Products Export. The expo is a professional expo focusing on steel manufacturing, iron and steel products, and related technologies and services. The expo has been successfully held for four times and its influence has increased and continued to expand.  

Turkey is Europe's largest steel producer and produces seventh largest in the world. But raw materials are from some countries. Gallianz focuses on clad plates production, who will be a reliable supplier from China for worldwide countries to offer clad plates, such as titanium clad plate, nickel-base alloy clad plate, stainless steel clad plate, etc., which are widely used in the Power plant + FGD, Chemical plant, Nuclear power AP1000 accumulators , Submarine heat exchanger tube plates , Warship lightweight aluminum steel transition joints, Corrosion-resistant light steel keels in the island barracks, Paper-making, Food storage tanks, Thermal power and nuclear power heat exchanger tube plates, etc.

During Sept.27-30, welcome to Booth LH20 of Gallianz (Anhui) New Materials Co., Ltd. We can discuss face-to-face. IF you are interested in our clad products, don't hesitate to make an appointment by phone: Annie 0086-18605643470 or e-mail: