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Roll Bonded Clad Plate

The Roll Bonded Clad Plate is the metal clad plate processed under the rolling mill's strong pressure. The backer and cladding metal’s oxide layers are ground down and form a clean and activated fresh metal. The diffusion of the two metals during rolling achieves complete metallurgical bonding. The rolling method here is the hot-rolled compound method, which is quite mature and widely chosen in clad plates production.

  • hot roll bonding cladding
  • hot roll bonding cladding

Advantages of Roll Bonded Clad Plate

  • Using large or medium plate rolling mill and hot continuous rolling mill, The production efficiency and supply speed both increase. The thicknesses can be easily chosen, Stainless steel coating over 0.5mm clad plate can be produced.

  • Limited by the compression ratio of rolling steel, hot rolling production can not produce clad plates with a thickness of more than 50mm, and it is not convenient to produce small batches, round and other special shapes of clad plates.

  • The special advantage of hot rolled clad plate is the production of 6,8,10mm thin clad plates, under the condition of hot continuous rolling clad plate, the clad plate can achieve to be coiled.

  • Hot rolled clad plate can be produced on a large scale, not limited by the weather. Its high production efficiency, low cost and large product sizes are preferred by customers.

  • Under the current technology, the hot rolling process can not directly produce titanium, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal clad plates.

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